Shortcodes – Projects

Sirius Pro comes with a built-in method for building portfolios or projects in a flexible way. This feature can also be used to showcase other kinds of items, for example products, clients, companies you’ve worked for, service packages, etc.

Create “Projects”

Create a new Page.
Set a Featured Image – this is the image you’d like to show for this project in the portfolio grid.
Choose the “Project” page template. Hit “Update”.
New project options will now be available.

For the Project Link – you have three options here: This Page, Image, Video. If you choose “This Page”, the project link will take the user to this project’s page. If you choose “Image” and upload an image in the next field, you can link the project (when shown in the project grid) to an image that opens in a lightbox (instead of taking the user to this project page). If you choose “Video”, you can enter a YouTube video link and when the project is clicked, it will open the video in a lightbox.

Create Project “Grid” or Portfolio

In order to show a group of projects together as a portfolio, you will need the page IDs of all the project pages that you want to include in the portfolio.

Once you have all the project page IDs you want to show, use this shortcode where you’d like to show the portfolio / grid:

[lt_projects page_ids="37,44,46"]

In our demo, we’ve used the above shortcode in a page and then included that page in the Open Content – 2 section on the front page.